Should You Send a Christmas Card to Someone Suffering a Loss This Year?

The Etiquette of Sending a Christmas Card to Someone Suffering a Loss


By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Here’s a quick tip.

Should you send a Christmas card to those suffering a loss this year? Absolutely, but probably not a card from the boxed set you’re sending to others on your list.

Wishing them “A Very Merry Christmas” or “The Happiest New Year Ever” seems thoughtless when the recipients are suffering from a major loss or setback that occurred this year (life-altering illness, death of a close family member, divorce, loss of job, loss of home, etc.).

Handpick the card you’ll send, and make sure to add a personal note letting them know you’re thinking of and praying for them.

If they live nearby, invite them to join you in a low-key outing that will focus on friendship more than the holiday.

For everything about signing and sending cards, check out this post: Christmas Card Manners.

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The Etiquette of Sending a Christmas Card to Someone Suffering a Loss

Maralee McKee

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