Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important and I respect it. This page is provided so you will know what kind of information is received and collected while you’re on Manners Mentor.

For starters, I never share, give, or sell your personal information to outside parties.

The following will detail our online policies and ways that you can choose on this site (and many other sites) how your information is seen and used.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are used to store information about how you interact with Manners Mentor. This is actually helpful because it makes sure that a pop-up is only shown to you once, or once in a blue moon. In the future, when we have a forum and a members-only site, it will allow you to log on there also.

There are third-party advertisers on Manners Mentor that help pay for and support the site. These advertisers use cookies and web beacons to show you ads that relate to other things you have visited on the web. This information is given to them through Google.  For instance, if you’ve been researching family summer vacations in the Smoky Mountains, you’re very likely to see ads for cabins, tourist sites, and such on many of the web sites you visit.

You can choose to not allow cookies by changing the settings in your browser or by using certain internet security software programs. (You can research on the internet details on how to turn off cookies and/or which software security programs are highly recommended.) Just know that turning off cookies will effect how you’re able to interact with many websites and ads, including logging into certain forums, programs, and accounts.

Log Files

This is information that is used by Google Analytics and other programs to let website and blog owners know which pages on their sites are visited, how long people spend on a particular page, and other details about most visited topics. This is helpful in knowing what topics are popular and which are not. The IP address, the Internet Service Provider (your local cable provider, AOL, and such), and your browser type (Firefox, Safari, Google), along with the pages visited and the total length of your visit, are logged. No recorded IP addresses are linked to personally identifiable information. I never know who is currently on or has visited Manners Mentor.

Links to Other Sites

Within some blog posts, and in other areas of Manners Mentor, are links to other sites. We have no information on their privacy policies.

Giveaways, Affiliates, and Sponsored Posts

Names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and any other information collected for the purpose of entering a contest is used for no other purpose than to contact the winner(s) of that contest/promotion.

When a post is sponsored, I will clearly state so above the first line of the post — directly below the post title photo. All opinions are my own, and I will not change my opinion because I’ve been paid to promote a product. I will share my honest insight into the product or service.

Bottom Line

Cyber stalking is rude (and scary). I don’t do it. Never have. Never will.