Links to Love from Around the Web!

Links to Love from Around the Web!


By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Our once-a-week curation of manners posts and so much more from around the web! Take a look at the links below and see what articles might catch your eye!


  • Have you noticed that too many people these days are easily offended?! It’s as if they go about their day searching for someone to say anything they could take offense at, and then they punch the person with a verbal rant. I adore this thoughtful post by Christy Jordan, my friend, on How to Stop Being Offended in 2017.


  • Easter is April 16 this year. There’s plenty of time to make this easy and lovely Resurrection Garden Using Wheat Grass. The grass grows in just a few days, so you could even make this lovely Easter decoration and centerpiece as late as Easter week.


  • A guest received an invitation to a birthday party for a two-year-old. On the invitation, the host listed where the toddler was registered for gifts. Oh, my! Is a guest obliged to purchase something from the registry? Thank goodness for Judith Martin, A.K.A, Miss Manners, for speaking the voice of common sense on this issue! (It’s the second question in her column.)


  • Our puppy is now four months old, and he’s proving harder to train than we could have imagined. He’s the first large-breed dog we’ve ever had, and we were unprepared for his abundance of energy and curiosity! Whether you have a pup, kitten, adult dog, or cat, in 50 Secrets Your Pet Won’t Tell You, you’ll find that with a few “language” lessons we can have an even deeper relationship with our furry loved ones.


Favorite Instagram of the Week


Milo Eating Whip Cream at Starbucks

Milo, our four-month-old pup, has discovered the joy that is Starbucks! He’s enjoying his own small cup of whip cream. The sweet lady at the drive-through gave it to us. We pulled into a parking space, and Milo went to town! He was one tail-wagging pup! He has enough energy for three dogs, so I’m going to take my time in working him up to espressos. (I’m kidding!) Milo is a Golderian. He’s half Golden Retriever and half Siberian Husky (hence the one brown eye and one blue eye, a trait sometimes seen in Huskies). Follow me on Instagram @MannersMentor.

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