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Links to Love! Beauty and The Beast Edition

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

A weekly curation of links I love and thought you might, too!

I’m excited to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie which opened nationwide in the U.S. yesterday. I remember loving the animated version and singing along with Celine Dion’s title track. This live-action edition seems like it’s going to be lavish, lush, and great fun! I hope it leaves us singing a new song!

  • If you haven’t seen the official movie trailer yet, or if you have and want to savor it again, it’s right here for you. Enjoy!




  • If you’ve eaten at a Chick-fil-A, have you noticed that their associates often have the best manners and give the highest level of customer care of any quick-service restaurant? One customer noticed and appreciated the kind manners of the young man serving him at Chick-fil-A so much that he blessed the young man’s entire family by building them a new home! It’s an amazing story of generosity and caring!!! (I’m proud to say I was hired to consult on the writing of their restaurant staff’s customer-care “Second Mile Service” program and conducted over a dozen professional etiquette seminars for executives at their home office in Atlanta. They place a high regard on politeness!)


  • The most valuable lesson at this school happens at lunch. A student started a “No One Eats Alone Club,” and students who once felt outcast because they had few or no friends, or who are new to the school and struggling to find their place, no longer dread lunchtime. The teens are learning to make friends with one another! I hope this club spreads to every school in the nation! Why not share this news story with your children’s school principal and see whether their school can be next?!


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I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!


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