The Best Stocking Stuffers — Over 100 Items for Everyone on Your List

Are you searching for the best stocking stuffers for your family, or for small gifts for coworkers, friends, neighbors, or that last special something to round out the list for a family member? Here you’ll find what you’ve been looking for; these are quality items, and most of them are under $20 each! There’s something for everyone on your list. These stocking stuffers and small gifts will have your friends and family saying thank you and actually using and enjoying your gift all year!



The Best Stocking Stuffers for Adults — Unique and Inexpensive Items They’ll Love

Marble everything is on-trend right now. How about a marble look phone case. It’s classic and modern at the same time!  Here’s the one I have. You can find one for just about any make and model of cellphone. 

Speaking of marble here’s a marble inspired bullet journal perfect for anyone who enjoys taking notes, keeping organized, or journaling. 

If you live near a Trader’s Joe and the gift recipient doesn’t, why not stuff their stocking with favorites you can only find there. Think tea mints, scone mix, and holiday cookies and chocolates galore.

Movies anyone? With a Fandango gift card, they can go to just about any movie theater and use the card for admission to the movie, or for popcorn, candy, drinks, or anything they desire from the concession stand.

Is there a magazine they would like? Purchase a copy at the checkout stand for their stocking, and use one of the subscription cards from inside the magazine to purchase their gift subscription. They’ll think of you every month when it arrives in the mail!

A gift of joy for anyone who reads. This tin of book darts do more than mark your page, they mark your line on the page.

Book Darts

Speaking of bookmarks, here is a set of eight feather bookmarks made of metal. Any book lover will swoon to find one or more of these in his or her stocking! 

This slim wallet is available in beautiful colors and is RFID Blocking. She’ll be stylish and have more room then what’s in most RDIF Blocking credit card cases. 

Help them carry their business or contact cards in style with the most highly rated card case on Amazon. It comes in colors for men and women and holds 20 cards. 

Help her glow! This ACURE Sheet Face Mask is my all-time favorite! It hydrates and leaves skin deeply moisturized for days! This is a package of five. You can split them up or give her enough to last through the cold, skin-drying days of January. 

This “Ballet Slippers” nail polish by essie is so beautiful that it actually has been approved by Her Majesty. Give her the gift of the color of royals and she’ll feel like the duchess she is.

A nail file like no other. This will be the talk of Christmas morning! It’s a glass nail file in its own case that gently shapes nails. Every girl and woman on your list will want one! 

Classy Lady Professional Nail File

Whether you’re keeping your brows in check or trying to remove a splinter, these quality tweezers that have both a light and magnifying glass will help you complete your chore with ease and much faster than traditional tweezers. (Great gift for moms and dads to help remove splinters the kids might get!) 

If you haven’t tried Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals yet, you’re missing out on a flavorful addition to any food that you would use normal table salt to flavor. This one comes from Trader Joe’s in its own grinder. Perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking! 

Disposable straws are being banned by many cities. Be ahead of the curve and enjoy this set of eight stainless steel straws (4 straight and 4 bent). It also includes two brushes and a pouch to keep them all together. Available in several colors. 

Stainless Steel Straws

The perfect umbrella to keep in the side panel of the driver’s and passenger’s side door to keep rain and snow away when walking into buildings. Everyone can use an additional umbrella! Especially one that can take the wind and rain like this one!

Say goodbye to messy, tangled cords! This package of 20 velcro secured cord ties is wonderful. They make packing cords for traveling a breeze and they help organize cords under your desk or in your “cord drawer.”

Perfect for coloring, drawing, or journaling this set of 36 Prismacolor Pencils has no substitutes in my mind. I love the way the color lays down on the paper.  

Summer is coming! Give packets of seeds to the person who loves gardening on your list. And if you don’t want to wait for spring, give packets of herbs so they grow a windowsill herb garden. 

Crane & Co. makes the paper that U.S. currency is printed on. They’re our premier paper and stationery provider. Fill her stocking with a set of note cards suitable for any day of the year and for any occasion from writing thank you to inviting someone to lunch or dinner. 

Use this link to check out all the stamps at the post office. There’s no reason to make a trip. Buy stamps they’ll love online and the post office will deliver them free to your door! 

These knit organic cotton kitchen scrubby towels will make kitchen clean up feel as fun as it can get! Seriously, these lovely, old-fashioned, hardworking towels will be your new favorites! They’re not meant to be absorbent. They’re meant to help you clean dishes, countertops, appliances, walls and anything else in your home. (Great for your face, too.) Throw them in the washer and dryer and reuse them.

These earbud in-ear headphones are great! Earphones are so easily lost, or sometimes you want more than one pair so you don’t need to go looking for your only pair. These have great features and user reviews. 


Fun kitchen gloves are the best! This pack of three pairs is a wonderful bargain. Here’s what I use mine for most often — removing pet hair. Kitchen gloves work better than any lint roller. Simply put the gloves on and run your hands across furniture or clothing that has dog or cat hair on it. The hair comes up almost like magic! 

A five-pack of phone charging cords in various lengths? Yes, please! Everyone needs more phone charging cords. If these don’t fit your phone, there are many other options to choose from on the same page as these. 

For Bible study, reading, or marking your favorite book, this five color highlighter set with a microfine black pen and a ruler is the best set I’ve found. They won’t bleed through your Bible pages but the highlighter color is still visible on the next page. But much less so than with other sets that I’ve tried. I like this set so much, I have two of them. 

There’s just something about using a fountain pen. Whatever you’re writing seems extra special, and your handwriting looks better than ever. It’s a classic for a reason, and everyone should have at least one in their home. 

Fountain Pen

One of my favorite practical gifts was left for me in my stocking. It was a book of car wash coupons allowing me to have my car washed once per month for the whole year! Stop by your local carwash and pick up a gift card. They usually run sales on them during the holidays! 

Speaking of practical and loved — batteries do the trick. They’re needed year-round, and it seems the most used size is “AA.” Here’s a Duracell pack of 20! 

Lovely, cozy, warm fleece-lined socks are the perfect gift for all. Here’s a pair sized for women and available in a wide range of colors.  And here’s a pair sized for men and also available in lots of great colors.

The perfect shade of red lipstick. Since about 1940 Revlon’s classic “Cherries in the Snow” (color #440) lipstick has been outselling all other colors. It’s a shade that looks good on everyone, and it’s even Mrs. Maisel approved after being featured in an episode of the hit Amazon TV show.

Here’s the lip liner that goes with that beautiful new red lipstick!

Since 1838 this rose petal lip salve has been keeping lips moist and beautiful. It’s also great for cuticles and dry patches on your heels or elbows. The light smell is heavenly. Best of all this is a package of two. One to give and one to keep!

I drink tea every morning. I have two of these brew-on-the-go tea infuser cups. I’ve tried them all. This one brews loose leaf (what I use) and teabag tea perfectly, and you never have to touch the tea leaves or tea bag until it’s time to toss them out. Keeps your tea warm for more than an hour. For this 12 ounce cup use two tea bags or two scoops of loose leaf tea. 

Tea Infuser Cup


Speaking of tea, here are two of my favorites! First up, this Christmas Tea from Twinings of London. They’ve been making tea for more than 300 years. Their artistry shows in this delicious Christmas tea with flavors of cinnamon and cloves. It’s flavorful without being overpowering. This comes as a package of two separate boxes. That means two to gift, or one to gift and one to keep and enjoy for yourself. 

I’m just about addicted to this flavorful Peach Tea year-round. It’s delicious served hot or iced so it’s perfect for cold winter nights and hot summer days. I’ve tried a lot of peach teas, and once I found this one, I stopped searching for the “perfect” fruit tea because I had finally found it! Bigelow Perfect Peach Herbal Tea (No Caffeine). This is for a six-pack of boxes so there’s plenty to share! Not to worry, it’s so delicious, you’ll go through it fast.

George Washington wrote an etiquette book! He wrote it when he was just 14!! It’s as applicable today as the day he wrote it. Every home should own a copy of this tiny book of 110 hallmarks of behavior and interacting with others that young George decided to live his life by. I think they worked pretty well for him! People love this small book! 

George Washington’s Etiquette Book


The Best Stocking Stuffers — Fun Office Supplies and Stationery Items Stocking Stuffers

Discover these fabulous office and stationery stocking stuffer ideas that will be a hit with anyone on your list! 

  1. Boho sticky note set 
  2. Diamond Ball Point Pens
  3. Boxed inspirational greeting cards
  4. Bible verse boxed greeting cards
  5. Laura Ashley journal and pen set
  6. Dog shaped paper clips
  7. Decorative pen set
  8. Bloom planners daily inspirational card set
  9. Foil assorted cards set for women
  10. Bliss daily planner sheet
  11. Rose gold paper clips and holder
  12. Decorative pencil pouch with markers
  13. Journal planner pens
  14. Gel pens
  15. Erasable gel pens
  16. Paint by sticker for kids
  17. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Pad
  18. Spirograph Design Tin
  19. Luxury Wooden Pen Set
  20. Stress Relief Desk Toys for Men
  21. Internet Password Log Book
  22.  Desktop cell phone stand

Desktop Cell Phone stand

  1. Rae Dunn Boss Lady Desk Sign
  2. Small Personal Desk Fan
  3. Vintage wooden desk calendar set


The Best Stocking Stuffers — Health and Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Pamper your friends and family with these relaxing stocking stuffers for health and beauty! 

  1. Rose gold professional nail kit
  2. Boho women’s head band
  3. Hanging toiletry bag
  4. Mini on the go razor
  5. Decorative elastic hair ties
  6. Clear transparent toiletry bag
  7. Burt’s Bees travel size mini set
  8. Cinch top travel makeup bag
  9. Makeup brush set
  10. Makeup sponge holder
  11. Makeup sponges
  12. Tweezers
  13. Makeup remover wipes
  14. Bliss Body Butter
  15. Foaming hand soap
  16. Bath & Body Works Shower gel
  17. Bubble bath
  18. Bath bombs gift set
  19. Beard balm
  20. Versacce Aftershave Mini Gift Set
  21. Organic Shave Gel for Men
  22. Kids battery powered toothbrush
  23. Animal bath face masks for kids
  24. Disney’s Frozen nail polish set for kids
  25. Exotic Non-Toxic peel off nail polish for kids
  26. Detangling hairbrush for kids


The Best Stocking Stuffers — Fun Clothing Items, Wearable Tech, and Classic Accessories, too

Help your friends and family feel special and dress for success or fun with these personal stocking stuffers in the clothing and accessory department! 

  1. Mama Bear hat
  2. Infinity scarf for women
  3. Animal slipper socks for women
  4. Boho headbands for women
  5. Women’s Fall/Winter Plaid Scarf
  6. Women’s Leather Cuff Bracelet
  7. Long leaf feather necklace for women
  8. Wristband for iPhone for Men
  9. Running belt for men
  10. Universal travel adapter
  11. Leather business card holder
  12. Glitter headbands for kids
  13. Superhero socks for boys
  14. Animal socks for girls
  15. LED Flashing gloves for kids


The Best Stocking Stuffers — Pretty, Useful, and Fun Things For the Home

Let these stocking stuffers for the home help your friends and family make their house a cozy haven!

  1. Small artificial succulents
  2. Mason jar soap dispenser
  3. Digital indoor thermometer 
  4. Mason jar measuring spoons
  5. Vegetable cutter shapes for kids lunchboxes
  6. Compact beach pocket blanket
  7. Copper stainless steel spoon rest
  8. Herb scissors and kitchen sheers
  9. Poo-Pourri Lavender Vanilla
  10. Extra Bright Glow Sticks for Camping
  11. Cable Management Cord Clips
  12. Copper Kitchen Sponge Holder Caddy
  13. Wall Outlet for Google Home Mini
  14. Baby Travel Sound Spa White Noise Machine
  15. Handheld Milk Frother
  16. Flashlight 4-pack for Kids
  17. Small LED flashlight- extra bright


The Best Stocking Stuffers — Toys and Games

Who said toys and games just had to be for kids?  These simple stocking stuffer ideas will help the whole family have fun and make memories! 

  1. Hot wheels gift set- 5 cars
  2. Flying Ball with Remote Control
  3. Play Rocket Launcher
  4. Mad Libs
  5. Glitter Slime
  6. 6 Card Games in 1 Gift Set
  7. Phase 10
  8. Blink card game
  9. The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games

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