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how when and when not to interrupt
7 tips for texting
No. 1 Etiquette Violation
Bodily Noise Etiquette
Bad 1st Impression
Adoption Etiquette

Five Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

Five Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

  You were asked to be the Godmother of your dear friend’s baby. When first asked, you were humbled, surprised and a little anxious. Mostly though, you were happy and honored! Since denominations and churches have different guidelines on who can and can’t be a Godparent, ranging from “no guidelines at all” to a lengthy list of personal and spiritual prerequisites, you did your research online and then contacted the church personally to double check. All was well, and you said yes to the parents. The ceremony was meaningful! The reception was memorable! Ava’s parents loved the perfect “Godmother” gifts you gave her. Something for her future, a tiny white New Testament to carry on her wedding day. And, something for now, the softest baby lamb plush animal you’ve ever felt. It’s sure to become her favorite lovie. The one she’ll cuddle with every night of childhood. It just hit you, being the Godmother of an infant is easy. But, like all Godmothers, you signed on for your lifetime. What are you  suppose to do for Ava over the next thirty-years or longer? What does it look like to be the Godmother of a ten-year-old, an eighteen-year-old and a thirty-eight-year-old?…    Read More …

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The Top 7 Courtesies of Happy Homes

Happy Families Leo Tolstoy began Anna Karenina with his famous line, “All happy families resemble one another….” He struck truth. Families that define themselves as “happy” share certain characteristics: standards for interacting with one another (manners) and agreed upon ways of doing so, (etiquette) and they’ve made these courtesies habit. Are the courtesies stuffy or old-fashioned? Nope! Are the courtesies personality suppressing? Yikes, No! Are the habits the same for the adults and children in the home? Yep! (That's because, “Do as I say not as I do.” is hypocritical, and it doesn’t work.) How do these courtesies make a difference?  They raise the happiness quotient in our...    Read More …
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The 5 Manners of Dealing with Difficult People

The  5  Manners  for Dealing with Difficult People - By: Maralee McKee~ We all know a few difficult people. What is it with them? You're quietly and happily going about your business and they sweep across your day or your life with a tornado of fault finding, pot stirring, can't-be-pleased-no-matter-what negativity that leaves you feeling stressed, dismayed and sometimes even hopeless. As my grandmother use to say when she came across  a difficult person "When they die they're going to be complaining about the weather in Heaven!" I think my precious Grandma nailed it! If it's a rude store clerk, cab driver, or restaurant server, we can give them a double dose of graciousness and...    Read More …
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The Best Way to Teach Your Child Manners

Teaching the Values That Matter Most -  

By: Maralee McKee

Note: Please read the post before watching the video. You'll enjoy the video more! 

Behind every child who grows into a great adult is a great mom. Be that mom! Awarded the Mom's Choice Gold Award for Excellence in Parenting BooksManners That Matter for Moms is THE book that will show you how. You'll discover with every turn of the page how to teach your child the manners that matter for a successful life. In honor of the book's anniversary, it gives me great joy to share the official book trailer for    Read More …
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Manners for When You or Someone You Know Is Sick

By: Maralee McKee Today's question is one we all need to know how to best answer. Because, whether it's something common like the flu or a dire announcement from the oncologist, our life, or that of someone we care about, is going to be altered either for a season or eternally by illness. Illness tends to strike quickly, and when it does, we're thrown off balance. In the midst of it is not the time to wrestle with what to do. The best time to know how to graciously help a friend who's battling illness, or how to accept or decline...    Read More …
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The 7 Manners of Mother’s Day for Moms and Everyone

The 7 Manners of Mother's Day for Moms and Everyone By: Maralee McKee Mother's Day is one that brings up different emotions for us depending on our situation and stage in life. This weekend I'll be with my mom enjoying the fifteenth anniversary of our mother-daughter tradition. The day before Mother's Day we celebrate together at our favorite tea room The Windsor Rose in the quaint town of Mt. Dora, FL about an hour outside of my home in Orlando. When we began in 1999, Marc, my oldest, was two-years-old. The afternoon spent away from home gifted me with a fantastic break as well...    Read More …
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Surprising Manners for Eating Chicken and Corn-on-the-Cob

  By: Maralee McKee Summer is around the corner, and the  block is short. I know this because Corbett, my youngest, tells me everyday (multiple times) how many days he has until his homeschool co-op begins summer break. (In case you're dying of curiosity about this, as he assumes everyone is, it's sixteen days, and that includes weekends!) Marc,  my oldest, has an additional week of his co-op, but for both of them, as I'm sure it is for your children, summer vacation is so close they're almost bursting with anticipation for the sleeping-in and staying-up-late, the no-rush mornings, and eating some...    Read More …
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What to Do When Someone is Paying Attention to Their Cell Instead of You

What To Do When Someone is Paying Attention  to Their Cell Phone Instead of You -

By: Maralee McKee The awkward first date nerves of the couple on the reality TV show were apparent. Their conversation was slow as they thought hard of the next thing to say. They discussed the menu for a loooong time. The man sheepishly complimented his date on her dress. She refuted his compliment with some form of "This old thing!" It was hard to watch, and I was about to turn the channel when the man's cell phone beside him on the table began to vibrate. After a moment, his ringtone of Adam Levine and Marron 5's Moves Like Jagger began...    Read More …
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Elbows On the Table, Have the Manners Changed? Yep!


 By: Maralee McKee Hello! The weekend is almost upon us. I hope you have something fun planned for yours! If you'd like your weeks to fly by so that weekends come around quickly, and you're anything like me, I suggest you take up blogging. You see, I'm a slow writer. The words drip out like a faucet with a tiny leak. Blip...Blop...Blip..........................Blop. A sentence can take 20-minutes. I don't write in paragraphs. I write in syllables. By the time I finish Monday's mentoring post. It's time to start Thursday's Q&A. No complaints. I love sharing my passion for turning self-consciousness into self-confidence and passing...    Read More …
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