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how when and when not to interrupt
7 tips for texting
No. 1 Etiquette Violation
Bodily Noise Etiquette
Bad 1st Impression
Adoption Etiquette

Caller I.D. Etiquette, Should You Call Back Missed Calls?

Manners Mentor Q&A, Caller I.D.

By: Maralee McKee Hello my friend and welcome to Q & A Thursday! Today’s question is about caller I.D. etiquette and involves something that’s happened to all of us more than once. I especially like this question because the person who wrote it was kind enough to not only email me her thanks for answering, she also shared the follow-up of what happened next. It’s interesting, I’ve answered over 1,500 manners questions via email. What would you guess is the percentage of people who write me back to say thank you? If you guessed one percent, you’d be right. Yep, just one percent. I’m not looking for a thank you. I enjoy answering the questions. I appreciate learning from any that I need to research. And, I’m honored that people think highly enough of me to mentor them in the situation. The thing is, if someone isn’t thanking the manners lady, who are they thanking? (Probably not enough people.) And that makes me sad because thank you’s are a win-win of goodwill and good feelings. You see, “thank you” is more than a societal pleasantry. There’s a deeper and more important significance for both the giver and receiver. When we’re…    Read More …

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The Top Eleven Manners of Graduation for Guests and Graduates

By: Maralee McKee A surprise arrived in my mail; it was a high school graduation announcement from a precious young lady. I remember the day she was born! I also remember her attending one of my children’s etiquette courses when she was no more than eight or nine. I held her announcement in disbelief. I keep thinking, “It just can’t be that she grew up that quickly.” If you have a child who’s already graduated, you’ll know much better than I, but the insurance TV commercial from several years ago was right, wasn't? “Life comes at you fast!”    Read More …
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Q&A’s: Too Many Gifts to Buy & How to Congratulate Your Boss

By: Maralee McKee I pray today's Q&A Thursday finds you in the midst of a great week! Can you believe that tomorrow is Friday? I hope you have some fun planned for this weekend. I find I schedule every day so fully that I forget to have fun. I don't know yet what "fun" is going to look like this weekend. However, I've made a promise to myself that it's going to be on the McKee family agenda. Yep, sometimes you have to schedule fun, but scheduling doesn't make it any less enjoyable in the midst of it or less memorable...    Read More …
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A New Feature For You Because You Wanted It! And, Win a $600 Mother’s Ring!

By: Maralee McKee Hello and Happy Thursday! "Wait, Maralee." you say with a reassuring voice because you know I'm confused. Plus, you're kind. Instead of being angry, you're worried about the health of my current mental state. "Today is Monday, not Thursday. You remember! Don't you? Your posts are called "Monday Manners with Maralee" and this is your post, so today is defintitly Monday." Well, not to worry. I'm fine! Today is a dress rehearsal for a new feature of the Manners Mentor blog that will happen for you every Thursday starting this week. Allow me to share it with you!

Q&A Thursday's

I wanted more time...    Read More …
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The Five Manners for Opening Every Door


By: Maralee McKee There's more to opening a door than turning the knob or holding it for the next person. That's why when you know the five specific manners of opening doors you unlock a lot. "A lot of what" you ask? The answer: goodwill, graciousness, and great possibilities! There's just something nice about someone holding a door open for you. Don't you think? And have you ever held the door open for someone, and they didn't say thank you? It's the worst. That's because the person isn't holding up their end of the unwritten social code we all know (and appreciate): hold the...    Read More …
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How You Can Discipline Someone Else’s Child Without Hurting Your Relationship

By: Maralee McKee We all want our children to experience the magical joy of friendships where they come together and make lifetime memories by creating a world of imaginative play. The magic doesn't occur just because children happen to be playing together. Finding great friends is a little like dating in the adult world. It takes a few (or more) attempts until a good match is found. Do the children have similar temperaments? Do they both enjoy active or leisure play more? Do they find the same types of games fun? The boy who wants to build and engineer toys and the...    Read More …
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Want to Be a Great Friend When Someone is In the Hospital?

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor As a patient, time moves at an other-worldy pace in the hospital. One day and night in Room 777 at St. Angels of Healing seems five times longer than one vacation day in the Bahamas, and at least twice as long as a bad day at work, or one spent with toddler triplets cranky with colds. When we're in the hospital we are definitely not at our best. We're usually scared or at least feeling anxious, and we're longing for the comfort of the familiar: Our family Our friends Our home. While friends can be a big part of...    Read More …
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Gossip: How to Protect Yourself and Others


By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor None of us are immune to gossip. We've all been guilty of talking about someone who wasn't in the room, and we've all been talked about behind our backs. Some dismiss gossip as harmless chit-chat that pumps a little excitement in the air of a boring office, classroom, or anywhere conversation. However, gossip is a ticking bomb of rumors, innuendos, half-truths, and hurtful truths. We need to stay clear of it to protect ourselves and others from its collateral damage. ~But how do we know if we're spreading gossip or sharing legitmate news or concern about the other...    Read More …
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Lights, Camera, Action: The Best Movie Theater Manners

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor The silver screen first earned it's name because when our great or great-great grandparents started attending the "moving pictures" in the nineteen-teens, the screens were coated with reflective silver paint to better show the images. Since silver has always been precious, and movies quickly became precious entertainment, the term stuck. Back then going to the movies was an event. The films were shown in gilded movie palaces. Like any grand event, patrons dressed up and used their best manners as they were escorted to their plush seats by white-gloved...    Read More …
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