How to Say Grace Amazing Well This Thanksgiving and Anytime

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Two of the most common fears people share are public speaking and heights. But, I bet if we took a ...

Email Don'ts That Get In the Way of Your Message

10 Email Don’ts That Get in the Way of Your Message

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor We want the recipients of our emails to open, read, and take action on them. After all, we took time and effort t...

The Top Email Do's

The 16 Top Email Do’s!

There's no doubt that texting has taken the place of millions of emails each day; however, even with the rise of texting, emails aren't going away...

Embarrassing Situations_Option Two

How to Handle the Three Most Common Embarrassing Situations!

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Correcting Others: How, When, and When Not to Correct Someone

Correcting Others: How, When, and When Not to Correct Someone

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor "It is much easier to be critical than to be correct." ~Benjamin Disraeli Nit-picking—it seems to almost be a na...

The New Use of Honorifics

Should We Still Say, “Yes, Ma’am!” and “No, Sir.”

By: Maralee McKee "I'll be waiting to pick you up!" I assured Marc. "I'll be standing right here when you get out!" He shifted his backpack, gav...

Blog Post_Smartphone_Facebook_updated

How to Use Your Smartphone Without Annoying Your Date

By: Maralee McKee People email me a lot of questions. Until recently, my in-box was overflowing with queries and complaints about the problems t...

How to Make a Great First Impression

How to Make A Great First Impression: The Five-Step Formula

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Five Ways to Be a Fantastic Godmother

  You were asked to be the Godmother of your dear friend's baby. When first asked, you were humbled, surprised and a little anxious. Mostly ...

How to Have a Happy Family

The Top 7 Courtesies of Happy Homes

    Leo Tolstoy began Anna Karenina with his famous line, “All happy families resemble one another….” He struck truth. Fam...