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Teaching the Values That Matter Most -

By: Maralee McKee

Note: Please read the post before watching the video. You’ll enjoy the video more! 

Behind every child who grows into a great adult is a great mom. Be that mom! Awarded the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Excellence in Parenting BooksManners That Matter for Moms is THE book that will show you how. You’ll discover with every turn of the page how to teach your child the manners that matter for a successful life.

In honor of the book’s anniversary, it gives me great joy to share the official book trailer for Manners That Matter for Moms with you!

There is a beautiful story of graciousness and generosity behind the making of this new video. Even though the video is mine, the story isn’t mine to tell, yet. As soon as I can share it, I look forward to telling you how this video was birthed. 

It shares my heart (I think every mom’s heart) for their children and why I wrote the book. I hope you’ll watch it and find yourself nodding in agreement throughout this two-minute look into What Matters Most every day as we raise our kids one step closer to adults.

When my book first released, I wasn’t actively blogging. Since I returned, I’ve always had a blurb on the bottom of each post about the book, but I’ve never shared my heart in writing the book and never shared the benefits that reading the book will give you.

It’s my prayer that after watching the video and reading the short post below, you’ll know both! (After watching the video, read the post for insider info.)

What Are Manners That Matter for Moms? 

Are you wondering what Manners That Matter for Moms offers you? Here’s what I share from my heart with people who ask me:

Are you trying your best to raise great kids? Of course you are!

But do you ever feel stressed?

Do you ever doubt yourself?

When you think ahead and imagine your children as grownups, do you ever wonder whether they’ll look back at their childhood and have memories of you as a calm, loving, gracious mom who taught them everything they need to know to soar on their own? Will they rise up and call you blessed?

Today, your children are your shadow. Tomorrow, they’ll be your reflection.

You’re sending a copy of yourself out in the world every day.

Today, are you who you want your children to be now and when they grow up?

While you’re busy raising great kids, are you accomplishing your ultimate goal? Are you raising great adults?

If you ever wonder about any of this, or want to make sure that you’re doing the right work today to make an eternal difference in the life of your child, you need to get a copy of my book Manners that Matter for Moms for you (or someone you know).

I wrote this book because I needed it more than anyone.

I grew up in what was for seven years a house of horrors.

Out of shame, confusion, and fear, I told no one about the abuse of my little girl body, mind, and spirit that an evil man inflicted on me almost daily.

Twenty-one years after the abuse stopped, I gave birth to my first precious baby. I held him with tenderness and cried in anxious fear.

Would I be able to raise him in such a way that he would never experience the debilitating social doubt, self-consciousness, and feelings of unworthiness that I carried with me into adulthood?

Then I learned I didn’t need to live with doubts, stress, and worries.

There was a compass that led me out of chaos and showed me the gold standard of living out the Golden Rule, of becoming me at my best and raising my kids into great adults!

In Manners that Matter for Moms, I share in best-friend style my story and the strategies I learned for success.

This book isn’t a magic wand to change you or your child overnight. (I wish it were!) Instead, I’ll show you the step-by-step formulas, mom-to-mom tips, stories from my own life, and simple, savvy, sincere skills I use daily to bring out the authentic best in me and my children so that you, too, can:

~ feel confident in your mothering by setting examples your children will be happy to follow (no nagging needed)

reduce stress and doubts about how to develop your child’s character in a way that overcomes obstacles and leads to a lifetime of success and happy, healthy relationships

~ exchange self-doubt for healthy self-confidence, the kind that comes from knowing you’re impacting the lives of others

~ enjoy family life more with your children because you’re not “nagging” them about their behavior and you feel confident to take them anywhere because of the impressive way they represent themselves and your family.

No pretense, no stuffiness, no old-fashioned rules for cookie-cutter children. Grandmother’s gracious and other-centered manners updated and in-sync for our busy, casual, tech-savvy families.

I share stories that will make you laugh, cry, and think in new ways about parenting. You’ll enjoy them today and remember them forever.

Come join me in Manners That Matter for Moms and bring out the best in you and your children!

See why it was awarded the Mom’s Choice Awards’ prestigious Gold Seal for Excellence in Parenting Books.

Published by Harvest House Publishers and available in paperback and for all e-readers. Buy your book here (usually the best price!) or wherever books are sold. 

(Check out the reviews on Amazon, and if you’ve read the book, no matter where you bought it, please leave a review on Amazon. The more reviews a book has, the more Amazon allows it to show up when someone searches for a book like mine.)

What’s Next? 

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Hugs and blessings,


Maralee McKee

About Maralee McKee

Maralee McKee is the founder of Manners Mentor. With her best-friend style, sense of humor, and knack for updating etiquette to meet our modern sensibilities, she has been referred to as "Sandra Bullock meets Emily Post!" Maralee shows you how to become the best version of yourself. No fluff. No pretense. Just you at your authentic best! The person you were always meant to be! To learn more about Maralee click on the "Meet Maralee" or "New? Start Here" links at the top of this page.

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