The Etiquette of Letting Others Know You Won't Be Buying as Many Gifts This Year

How to Graciously Let Others Know You Won’t Be Buying Them a Gift This Year

What's the best way to break the news that you won't be buying someone a Christmas gift this year? For your news to be well-received, you need to addr...


Trick or Treat Manners for Kids and Grown-Ups, Too!


Cosmetic surgery procedures and plastic surgeries are so popular that you're bound to run into a friend, colleague, or extended family member who has had work done. Here you'll find the etiquette of how, when, and when not to comment on someone's cosmetic or plastic surgery. #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #cosmeticprocedures #etiquette #manners #maraleemckee #mannersmentor

How, When, and When Not to Compliment Someone’s Cosmetic Surgery!

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The Top 7 Courtesies of Happy Homes

How to Have a Happy, Loving Family — The Top 7 Courtesies of Happy Homes

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