Are you hosting Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Discover the best hostess tips for hosting guests during the holidays and the important etiquette tips that both hosts and guests will want to follow.

The Top 10 Manners for Hosts and Guests on Christmas Day

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Do you use re-gifting to give gifts to others? Explore these re-gifting etiquette tips to help you give presents your friends and family will love.

The Etiquette of Re-gifting You Don’t Want to Ignore

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Teach your kids manners and how to live thankful. These simple etiquette rules for kids will help them learn to say thankful and live grateful.

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Do you know how to open gifts with grace and poise? Discover how the etiquette of gift giving to help you gracefully accept gifts from others.

The 7 Manners of Opening Every Gift

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What are the manners of opening gifts and how to be gracious while opening presents? Let these gift opening etiquette tips help you show gratitude and kindness when receiving gifts this holiday.

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