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If you’re like most of my readers, you want to make a difference in the world. Not necessarily the once-in-a-lifetime kind that lands you in a history book. You’re more interested in a life of excellence.

You want to build your legacy by positively impacting the people in your life through kindness, consideration, and graciousness. And you want to stay authentic to yourself while becoming the best version of yourself.

You know that, no matter what you’ve accomplished, where you’ve been, or where you’re going, there’s always room for improvement. You understand that learning never stops and that the best don’t rest on their laurels. They pick up a new book, hire a new mentor, continue to pray, and strive to improve.

You’re committed to succeeding at work, at home, and at life. You want to be noticed now. To be missed when you’re gone. And to leave a legacy of lives positively impacted and changed.

You want to win. But not at any price. Your faith is an integral part of your life. You have morals. You have integrity. You have standards. These are not negotiable with you.

You know that with every word you say and action you take, you’re setting an example and demonstrating your character. You know that people are watching your example. Your children are watching, as are your extended family, your friends, your co-workers, clients, associates, and the men and women you pass on the street.


Have You Ever Felt Like…

  • There are times when you’re more self-conscious than self-confident?
  • You’ve found yourself in situations that you weren’t sure how best to handle?
  • You hope you’re putting your best foot forward, that your intent is being understood, and that you’re making things better, not worse, by what you’re doing and saying? You wish you knew for sure.


You just aren’t sure.

If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all felt this way.

I Can Relate

I know what it’s like to feel out of my element and to be riddled with doubts about the impression I’m making, the way I’m being perceived and understood, and the way I’m fitting in.

Coming from a disadvantaged background, and suffering abuse for years as a child, as I grew up, I struggled with social doubts that lead to social anxiety, and finally panic attacks that at one point were so severe that I couldn’t leave the house. There was a seven-year period where I couldn’t drive a car, and I found it VERY difficult to be in any public place: a mall, a church, the movies, a restaurant. You name it, and the thought of it spun me into a dizzying panic attack.

My late husband was dying of cancer, and I had to work to earn money for us, so while hiding multiple panic attacks a day, I was successful and well-liked at work, but I didn’t feel like it. Not even when promotions came. I doubted myself at every turn.

As a former manager, for more than a decade, of a staff of 25 in a Fortune 500 company, and now as a successful speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, I’ve been thrown into new situations time and time again. I know that will never stop. They used to bring me to my knees in prayer, yes! But also in fear.


About 15 years ago, I changed my social anxiety and self-consciousness into self-confidence.

As a person of faith, my answer came in two ways: through prayer and an etiquette book. Yes, God used an etiquette book as one of the ways to answer my prayers of wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin and to quiet my self-doubts.

The Little-Known Meaning and Giant Benefit of Manners

The word “manners” comes from the Latin word for hand. It means “the best way to handle things.”

From making a great first impression to saying thank you with great expression; from composing a text to leaving a voicemail that gets returned; from welcoming a guest as a host at a party to welcoming a new client; from making small talk to having a difficult talk; there are best practices for handling everything.

A manners book, blog, or seminar is a collection of those skills gathered together and shared so that everyone can know the Gold Standard for living out the Golden Rule.

Because I’ve experienced the difference they’ve made in my life, I love sharing manners and what they can do for you and our culture at large. If you’re like me, you’re starting to catch the vision, too!

Why This Blog Exists

Through my work in the etiquette arena, my heart is to be your mentor and friend, to gift you with the simple, savvy, sincere skills you need to succeed personally and professionally and to live your life authentically, graciously, and with joy.

I do that through sharing practical, but often counterintuitive, skills to bring out your best, help you accomplish your goals and dreams, lead you to greater influence, and empower you to be you — at your best.

These aren’t your grandma’s manners! Please don’t think you learned all you needed to know for life when you were five or ten years old.

Use the etiquette skills you were taught as a child, and you’ll come off as stuffy in our current fast-paced, casual culture.

Plus, half of what you need to know didn’t exist when you were young if you’re currently older than 25: texting; social media; photo sharing and tagging; electronic invitations; Skype; interacting with someone on the other side of the nation or world through email or FaceTime — who might be of a different nationality, religion, or lifestyle. These things weren’t even imagined.

The world is changing at high speed. And with every turn on its axis, we have more of a chance to damage a relationship than to form one. That’s not what you want!

For this reason and more, manners aren’t dead and never will be. They’ve evolved to meet our needs and sensibilities, and we need the stability, certainty, and best practices they provide now more than ever!!!

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