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By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

A weekly curation of links from around the web that I love and think you will too. You’ll find manners and etiquette resources along with other helpful, interesting, and inspiring posts to delight and inform. Enjoy!


  • Does your to-do list seem to overwhelm you some days? With all our fancy apps, shouldn’t managing our time get easier instead of harder? What if there were an extremely simple, three-step, 100-year-old, proven technique we could use? This uncomplicated method was working when we couldn’t text someone for an instant answer. Yet still, people managed to build the first great skyscrapers, invent the automobile, and even design the zipper (in 1913). A lot got done using this method, so there must be something to it.



  • Here’s some great news! Millennials are the generation turning back to good manners. It’s Grandma’s etiquette but updated, as it should be, to fit our modern sensibilities. They also want a return to more quiet downtime pursuits. Think less clubbing to 1 A.M. and more knitting in front of the fireplace. Here are some of the manners at the top of the list from this U.K. article.



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Manners and More From Around the Web, Week Six


Maralee McKee

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