All Things Super Bowl for Fans and Non-fans! “Manners & More from Around the Web” (Week 16)



By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Super Bowl 51 is just days from now! And whether you love, like, tolerate, or ignore the game, you’ll find something of interest in this special Super Bowl Edition of “Manners & More from Around the Web!”

  • No matter your level of interest in the Big Game on February 5, there are some interesting facts and figures about this year’s Super Bowl! You’ll be the most in-the-know person after reading these two articles. The first is 10 Fun Facts About Super Bowl 51 from News One. The second is Super Bowl Fast Facts from CNN. No one will think you’re there just for the commercials when you start sharing these trivia-worthy comments in your conversations!
  • If you have no plans of watching the Super Bowl, it’s a great day to be out-and-about. You’ll pretty much have the streets, venues, and stores to yourself while others prepare for and watch the game. Here are 10 Things To Do Instead of Watch the Super Bowl!

Favorite Instagram of the Week:

A beautiful and precious surprise gift from a friend to say thank you when no thank you was needed. They’re so beautiful. I took photos of the whole arrangement. And then I took this close-up of my favorite flower in the vase!

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May your team win!

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