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  • Here are some outdoor decorations to help inspire your own winter wonderland this Christmas. The article even shares where the items were bought and how much they cost, though we could all find most of the things we need at our neighborhood craft store for a lot less. Photos #1 and #16 are my favorites. The beautiful lanterns in photo #1 (after the cover photo) would look amazing on my little porch. Photo #16 is of an adorable snowman for the front door. However, we don’t see too many snowmen where I live in Orlando even if they are made of wreaths instead of snow. 🙂



  • I’ve read articles about how much the average American spends on Christmas gifts each year. However, that’s only part of the cost of the holidays. What about a few new decorations, flowers, a trip to the movies, a hostess gift or two, Christmas dinner, and the other common items of the holidays? I finally found an article that shares more of the costs of Christmas than just the gifts! I still think it comes in on the low side. Either that, or I’m attracted to every shiny and pretty thing I see at Marshall’s, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby. Happily guilty as charged!



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