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By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor


Today for your perusal, I offer the first of what will be a semi-regular weekly curation of posts from around the web. I’ve found these posts helpful, inspiring, fascinating, or fun, and I’m happy and excited to share them with you!

Think of it as our own Manners Mentor version of Reader’s Digest, but hipper! 🙂

Manners & More From Around the Web

  • A coffee shop in Virginia charges you less money if you’re polite. This story proves it literally pays to be polite! And while it’s a good news story, and interesting enough that it was even picked up by “The Daily Mail” newspaper in the United Kingdom, it’s rather sad that people need a financial incentive or reminder just to be plain old nice. Regardless, I say, “Great job!” to the coffee shop for coming up with a clever and encouraging way to put kindness on the forefront of their customers’ minds.




  • How can we raise our children to become caring, kind, responsible adults? This is exactly what Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist and founder of the “Making Caring Common” project, sets out to teach parents. Here he shares his top five tips! I wrote a book about the etiquette and manners our children need to know to grow into confident and kind adults. It’s doable even in the midst of our modern, casual, techno-focused culture. I share the manners and how to teach them in a way that they’re automatic and authentic for our children. Manners That Matter for Moms was awarded “The Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Excellence in Parenting Books.”



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Manners and More From Around the Web this Week


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