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  • You notice the person next to you has an interesting tattoo and think, “Should I comment on it? Ask a question about its meaning? Compliment the person?” What is the etiquette of asking about something as personal as a tattoo? Another rule of thumb you can use is simply to mentally run what you’re about to say through the “Hairstyle Meter.” If you wouldn’t make a similar remark about a person’s hairstyle, it’s best not to say it about the tattoo either.






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I thought I was being daring painting my nails blue. Yep, blue nails are pretty much the height of me going wild. Kind of sad, yet it’s true. 🙂 When Corbett, my youngest, saw them, he said, “Mom, your nails are blue! I don’t think you’re supposed to have blue fingernails. They’re only for 12-year-olds-and-stuff. I think you should change them back to your regular mom nails.” I did, but only after a couple of days. Then I painted them a rich copper shade. Corbett actually liked them. “Mom! Your nails are the color of gasoline! They’re great, seriously!” I don’t know what made him think of gasoline; however, I happily accepted the compliment and thanked him for it! 🙂



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