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By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

A weekly curation of links I love from around the web! You’ll find a mixture of helpful, inspirational, informational, and fun posts that span manners and so much more. I’ve gathered them all for your perusal and enjoyment!






  • Panic attacks are my Achilles’ heel. They have been since I was in my early twenties. Mine tend to occur while driving and in large open areas like shopping malls. If you’ve ever had one, you know you’ll do just about anything not to have another one. Here are 31 actually helpful tips for dealing with panic attacks from people who have them. Tip numbers three, six, and thirteen are ones I use regularly because they help me. If you have or have had panic attacks and have advice, I’d love to know it. You can always reach me by email at


  • You have to love Judge Judy! In this short clip, the good judge wants us to know a few situations where she does not approve of texting. She also wants to know whether anyone has written a book on the subject. Her bailiff, Byrd, tells her it’s probably online. Judge Judy, I haven’t dedicated an entire book to the subject, but Byrd’s still right, since I have posted almost a book’s worth of blog posts on this very topic. I agree with everything Judge Judy says in this video clip, as you’ll see in the posts you’ll find below the clip:


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I’ll be back later this week with another Thanksgiving-focused manners post for you. If you missed The 7 Manners of Thanksgiving post I emailed on Friday, please check it out!

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