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Manners and More from Around the Web — Presidential Inauguration Edition (Week 16)


By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Welcome to our weekly edition of Manners & More From Around the Web! These are links I love and hope you will too. Here, in honor of Inauguration Day, you’ll find unique posts about that day and more. All of them are curated to inform and delight. Enjoy!




  • We’ve always been fascinated by our First Ladies. In fact, quite a few of their inaugural ball gowns are on display at the Smithsonian. The style of Jacqueline Kennedy is legendary. However, she wasn’t the first First Lady to have a fashion style that others wanted to copy! Did you know (I didn’t) that we once had a 21-year-old First Lady? When she stopped wearing bustles, the industry basically went out of business! And when she showed her shoulders, doing so went from indecent to in vogue. (The large photos in this infographic take a moment to load. Please allow time as you scroll down because it’s well worth the look! Courtesy of

Infographic of The Most Stylish U.S. First Ladies

  • We vote for president every four years. However, we vote for how we’ll shape our culture multiple times every day. From Seth Godin, here’s The Candy DietIt’s an eye-opening read about how, if we do the right things, it won’t take as many people as we might think to raise the standard of our popular culture from one that craves constant entertainment and quick fixes to one that thinks deeply and acts wisely.

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Manners and More from Around the Web — Presidential Inauguration Edition (Week 16)




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