Manners & More From Around the Web (Week 11)

Manners & More From Around the Web (Week 11)

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

In this edition of Manners and More From Around the Web, you’ll find links to helpful, inspiring, and fascinating posts and more from around the web for your enjoyment. An online curation of information that’s timely and fun to know.



  • Do you know some of the special traditions of Christmas in France, Germany, England, and Australia? With the exception of the Yule log in France, I didn’t know any of this video’s lovely ways that people from these nations use to help usher the spirit of Christmas into their hearts and homes!



  • You’re probably familiar with the song or the TV cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! However, do you know the remarkable story behind it? It’s a mixture of the author’s grief and his hope of lost dreams reborn. Wanting to be a “real” writer, the story’s creator, a Dartmouth College graduate, found himself working as a copywriter for the Montgomery Ward catalog (remember catalogs?!) when he was instructed to….I’ll let the article tell the rest of the story because it tells it so well.













  • I wasn’t expecting Trust Without Borders, a devotional written by popular blogger Arabah Joy of, to sweep me up into its flowing current and move me along to deep waters of faith. That, however, is exactly what it did! I don’t typically care for devotionals because I find too many of them are filled with simplistic, greeting-card feel-good words and not a lot else. Trust Without Borders is the opposite of all those things. Told through memoir, it is deep yet shared in a comfortable, conversational style. It’s filled with eye-opening truths that have restored hope that I had lost long ago, and it has given me fresh understanding. My husband noticed me immersed in the book, he read a few pages, and he immediately ordered a copy for himself. This week, our oldest came home from college for Christmas break, he picked it up and began reading, turned to his dad and said, “Wow! This book is good. Can I take it back to college with me?” His own copy will be under the tree for Christmas! It just might be the best gift you could buy yourself or someone you love. Check out the Amazon reviews to see what others are saying.  


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Until next time, keep doing what only you can do. Bless the world by being you at your authentic best!



Manners and More from Around the Web (Week 11)

Maralee McKee

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