Disclosure Policy

I began the Manners Mentor blog as a way of sharing etiquette and social skills that have made  a positive difference in my life. I want to pass these skills along so anyone can experience the same thrill of exchanging self-consciousness for self-confidence in daily encounters and experience the joy of becoming the best versions of themselves.

The blog grew quickly into a business. It, like any business, has expenses. These expenses include but are by no means limited to: hosting, domain registry, web site designers and technicians, graphic designers, virtual assistants, social-media assistants, on-going learning courses and classes, advertising, office supplies, and a paycheck for myself.

To keep the blog posts free for you, there are ways I must monetize my blog and my time. There are more than several ways that I do this. First, please know this:

My Integrity Isn’t For Sale

My integrity is the heart of who I am. I take it very seriously. As such, I will never promote, endorse, recommend, or lend my name or the Manners Mentor name to anyone or anything that I do not feel is of value to you or someone you know.

If I say I own, use, or enjoy a product, I do!

If I don’t have anything good to say about a product or service, I will decline the offer from the provider of that item and not present it on my blog or via any other method.

You are my first priority, and your trust is more important than money. I will never compromise on this matter.


On my blog I offer advertising through various advertising agencies. If you click on an ad, I am paid anywhere between a few cents and a couple of dollars. (Most always, I only receive cents.)

I also offer paid monthly advertising. This is paid directly to me by the advertiser, and no further compensation is paid when you click the link.

Free Items

Occasionally, I am offered free items to keep for myself or to give away to you in contests on the blog or on the Manners Mentor Facebook page. Sometimes, I am given multiples of the same item — one to keep and one or more to give away. If I receive a free one in addition to the one(s) I’m giving away, I will mention that in the post.

Underwritten Posts

Sometimes, companies ask me to write a post concerning their product or cause so that you can be introduced to them. I am paid for writing these posts. However, I will give (nicely but clearly) my opinion and share my full experience of using the product or service. If I give a glowing review, you can know for sure that I was bowled over by the product or service. If the review isn’t glowing, you’ll know that I can’t endorse it with any enthusiasm and don’t suggest it for anyone.

Plus, you come here to read about social skills and etiquette, not vacuum cleaners. I will never review a product or accept an underwritten post for an item that does not tie into something dealing with etiquette: items for entertaining, stationary, hostess items, great gifts, having a well-stocked kitchen so you can serve guests comfortably, or such. I value you, your time, and every minute you spend on the Manners Mentor blog. I will not waste it.

Affiliate Marketing

On the Manners Mentor blog is an Amazon store. I personally have purchased the same items that I list in my store. Because I enjoy them so much, I want to make them available to you. In some cases, because models change, the item I have might be slightly different, but all items are ones that I use and enjoy in my own home. When you make a purchase, I make a small percentage of that sale at no additional cost to you ever.

I love Stella and Dot Jewelry! I adore them so much and find their value, beauty, quality and the company founder and head designer so inspiring that I became a stylist with the company. Clicking on the Stella and Dot link causes my page on their website to open. If you make a purchase, I am paid a commission, and you get a piece of jewelry that you’ll enjoy for years and years.

I might choose to use other affiliate programs if they are products I have discovered and enjoy and want to share with you. Again, purchasing the item through the link pays me a small commission without increasing the price for you.

Brand Ambassador

At times, I might act as a brand ambassador for a particular company or organization. In my role as ambassador, I represent the company and share its strengths and benefits in the highest professional manner. This might involve making public appearances, doing interviews for the company on TV or radio, writing articles for magazines, posting to social media, or being quoted in interviews for magazines, blogs, or other print or on-line media. I am paid directly by the company, and any time I mention the company, I will say that I am a paid spokesperson. Again, like for anything, I will not partner with any company or organization that I am not one hundred percent enthusiastic about sharing with you.

You, my readers, are now and always will be the reason I write this blog, and making it a pleasant experience for you is my honor, joy, and job number one!

However, have you noticed that, try as hard as you can to make things good, there are some people who will complain regardless. My late Grandmother used to say that those people will be in a long line in Heaven waiting to complain about the weather there. My Grandmother was a hoot! A very wise one!

If you have any questions about anything on this page, I’m easy to reach. Contact me at [email protected].