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What is the world coming to when a manners site needs a disclaimer? It’s sad but true, so under advice to do so, I offer mine here.

This site is my second home! My homes are places of rest, encouragement, and fun. I ask that all visitors show respect while visiting. Any harsh, hurtful, rude, derogatory, snide, or pushy remark, or any remark I just don’t happen to think my readers will benefit from, will be taken down as soon as I see it. This is at my sole discretion.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but please don’t steal my things. It just isn’t nice! My words, images, and this blog design are copyrighted and protected by Intellectual Property Rights. They must not be reprinted without my written permission. I do sometimes grant permission for other websites to reproduce certain posts. There must be a hyperlink back to the original post on www.TheEtiquetteSchoolofAmerica.com. If I grant permission, I will send you a brief bio statement that must also be included at the bottom of your post. To get started, please contact me.

All posted links were verified at the time I posted them. Please accept my apology if a link is no longer valid or now links to something altogether different than when it was originally listed. I take no responsibility for anyone linking to my site.

I hold myself harmless, and you the user take full responsibility, when you use or download any file, program, or downloadable on this site that might harm your files, programs, computer, or anything else.

No one reading my site may hold me liable for what I say or display. My intention is to do no harm. The content in this site is my opinion and is not intended to malign anyone or anything that has the ability to be offended. 

What I write on my site is my opinion and advice. It is not my counsel. This also applies to anyone writing on this site. What I write on this site is not to be taken as fact or absolute. If someone uses any advice, tip, technique, product, and/or recommendation, and is upset, angered, or injured in any way, I am not to be held responsible.

The content of this site is generated in part to make money. I will not mention or promote any item I do not personally and cannot enthusiastically recommend. When I am being paid, I will clearly say so. I always share my honest opinions and findings about the products or services.

I am not responsible for the translation or interpretation of content, customs, manners, etiquette, protocol, or language of other countries or cultures. I also hold myself and my blog harmless from prosecution for spelling, word choice, grammar, and punctuation worldwide. I am not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.

There is a strict legal limit of financial claim against me, this site, my business, home, properties, etc. The cap limit on financial damages is $500.00 USD in total.

I make every attempt to publish only original material. I do not always have the ability to verify all writing of all guest bloggers.

Enough said about that! This is a community birthed to mentor and encourage you to interact with ease, savvy, sincerity, and graciousness in your everyday encounters. My style is friendly, relaxed, and relational, so let’s get back to the conversation. I’d much rather chat about bringing out our best than about legalese!

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