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The Etiquette of Brining Meals to Friends

Ten Savvy Tips for Providing Meals for Your Friends

Providing meals for your friends at a time of sickness or crisis is a kind gesture! Here are etiquette tips that will make sure your meal is remembere...

Etiquette for Funerals and Visitations

The Etiquette of Visitations and Funerals

While the etiquette of visitations and funerals is not simple, it can help you navigate through your grief, or it can let you help someone close to yo...


Manners for When You or Someone You Know Is Sick

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Etiquette, You, and the Flu: What to Do!

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The Etiquette of Sending a Christmas Card to Someone Suffering a Loss

Should You Send a Christmas Card to Someone Suffering a Loss This Year?

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In Memory of Molly

By: Maralee McKee Before we jump into the etiquette portion of our time together, allow me to share what's happened in our family. Today, there's...