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From play dates to prom, here are 21st Century life skills to show our children how to shine today and thrive on their own as they grow!

My Little Boy is Sick

By: Maralee McKee I'll admit I'm not myself today. Corbett, our six-year-old, who has been sick for almost four weeks, took a turn for the worse la...


How to Graciously Thank Your Host

By: Maralee McKee Dear Maralee: My wife and I will be staying with the mom of a friend from college for two nights when we travel to St. Louis f...


79% of Your Life You Won’t Have This and You’ll Miss It

By: Maralee McKee Both my boys went back to school today.   I'm surrounded by too much quiet. It was wonderful for a few hours, but now the q...

When It's Best to Text, Email, Call or Write Your Graditude

Thank you Notes: When To Send a Handwritten One, When It’s OK to Email or Text & When One’s Not Required

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Today is about the art of knowing what kind of thank-you to extend for different occasions and situ...


Mother’s Day Manners for Flowers at Church —A Quick Look

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor I once suffered a miscarriage shortly before Mother’s Day. When I entered the sanctuary that Sunday, an ush...