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How to Have Friends to the End

By: Maralee McKee Greetings! Welcome to Monday! The best part of each one, for me, is connecting with you! Thanks for dropping by! Here's a ...


Splitting the Tab Without Splitting Hairs

By: Maralee McKee Usually I form my e-zine columns by using the essence of someone's email without sharing the actual letter. Not this time. This l...

How to Graciously Accept or Decline an Invitation

Quick Tip: Explaining Yourself When You RSVP

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Dear Maralee, On several occasions when I had to RSVP that I couldn't attend a party, the host ...


Some Old Advice: Good Behavior and Social Etiquette

By: Maralee McKeeHere's a quote from a time when people thoughtfully considered in advance how their actions would impact those they connected wit...


Some Old Advice: Cultivating Gracious Speech

By: Maralee McKee  Here's an etiquette book reminder from a hundred-plus years ago! Its advice seems stern for today's sensibilitie...

How to Politely Say No to Buying Christmas Fund Raising Items

Quick Tip: Saying No to Buying Fundraising Items

When neighbors and coworkers ask you to buy items like gift wrap, candy, etc., for school fundraisers, and you just don't feel it's financially ...

The Etiquette of Letting Others Know You Won't Be Buying as Many Gifts This Year

How to Graciously Let Others Know You Won’t Be Buying Them a Gift This Year

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Can you believe that Christmas is just 66 days from today? (Eek!) Today's column is about saying no...


Past & Present: The Habits of Good Society

  This bit of wisdom about sharing our wisdom with others is still a relevant reminder: "Whatever the knowledge a man may possess, he m...


A Hug? A Kiss? Or, a Handshake? Manners for Great Greetings!

A Hug, a Kiss, or a Handshake? Manners for Greetings! By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor ....And they're pouring in and overflowing my inbox. ...


Past & Present: Advice from The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette

By: Maralee McKee Here's a tidbit from an antique etiquette book. This is still great advice nearly 150 years later. Why? Because it's bette...