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Does, “No Gifts, Please” Really Mean I Shouldn’t Bring a Present?

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7 Ways to Shine as a Party Guest & an Update on My Son

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Manners Mentor Five Sandwich Etiquette Tips

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Cut, Twirl, or Spoon? Fun Spaghetti Etiquette

Cut, Twirl, or Spoon? Fun Etiquette for How to Eat Spaghetti

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Cut, Twirl, or Spoon? Fun Etiquette for How to Eat Spaghetti Spaghetti, my youngest son’...

RSVP Etiquette for Host and Guests

RSVP Etiquette for Guests and Hosts: The Newest Manners for This Fading Art

The number-one etiquette question people ask me is why no one will RSVP. It's hard to plan an event when you don't know how many people to plan for. H...


Quick Tip! How to Talk With Food in Your Mouth

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How to Eat the Very Hardest-to-Eat Food!

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How to Bow Out Of An After Hours Event You Don’t Want to Attend!

By: Maralee McKee I've been here! Have you? You're invited to an event, and it's not so much that you can't go, it's that you just don't want to go...

Which To-Go Orders You Tip and Which You Don't

Which To-Go Orders You Tip and Which You Don’t

Which to-go orders to tip really puzzles far more people than you'd think. And how much should we tip? Let's talk tipping! By: Maralee McKee, Manne...

How to Graciously Accept or Decline an Invitation

Quick Tip: Explaining Yourself When You RSVP

  By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor Dear Maralee, On several occasions when I had to RSVP that I couldn't attend a party, the host ...