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Maralee McKee is the founder of Manners Mentor. With her best-friend style, sense of humor, and knack for updating etiquette to meet our modern sensibilities, she has been referred to as "Sandra Bullock meets Emily Post!" Maralee shows you how to become the best version of yourself. No fluff. No pretense. Just you at your authentic best! The person you were always meant to be! To learn more about Maralee click on the "Meet Maralee" or "New? Start Here" links at the top of this page.
How to show thanks around the Thanksgiving Table — Six unique and memorable ideas! #Thanksgiving #GratitudeTree #GivingThanks #IdeasForShowingGratitude

How to Say Thanks Around Your Thanksgiving Table — Unique and Memorable Ideas

Saying thanks around our Thanksgiving table is the core of Thanksgiving Day. The holiday is a special 24 hours set aside for us not only to be...

15 easy and beautiful ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table something for every taste and budget.

15 Beautiful and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

How to decorate the Thanksgiving table stumps a lot of us. I know from too much personal experience and from too many hours spent on Pinterest year af...

Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday, but with all the cooking, cleaning, traveling, and extra people in the house, it can feel overwhelming. Whether you're a host or guest this year, here are 7 manners that will help you navigate the day with authentic warmth and make this Thanksgiving one of your favorite. #thanksgiving #etiquette #manners #thanksgivingdinner

The 7 Manners of Thanksgiving. Don’t Show Up Without Them!

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The Best Airplane Etiquette Tips for Making Flying Less Stressful

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10 Unique Habits of Remarkably Gracious Ladies

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How to Graciously End Conversations

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Trick or Treat Manners for Kids and Grown-Ups, Too!


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How to Graciously Let Others Know You Won’t Be Buying Them a Gift This Year

How do you tell people you won't by buying them Christmas gifts this year? For your news to be well-received, you need to address both the practical a...

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