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By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Here are Manners & More from around the web, a weekly curation of links I love and have  gathered for your perusal and enjoyment!

  • Manners, since they’re written in sand, not stone, vary from nation to nation. Despite where you’ve been raised, your manners can be more like those in one country than another due to your personality and other factors. Are your manners more American? British? Japanese? Or are they more like another country’s? Reveal what nation your manners most closely resemble in this fun online quiz! What Country Are Your Manners From?
  • I love to chat, so naturally my writing (like my in-person conversation) is lengthy. There’s no question that I could cut flab from my speaking and writing. But, oh my goodness, I didn’t realize how much I really could cut until looking over this wonderful resource: 297 Words and Phrases That Rob Your Writing of All Its Power.
  • How did the best-selling quick-service restaurant get to the top, especially since they have fewer than half the outlets of many of their competitors? The answer: Yummy food served up with good manners and kindness by their team members. I’m proud to say I’ve worked with this company extensively in the past conducting over a dozen training seminars at their home office and consulting on their “Second Mile Service” program taught to all store team members. How Good Manners Made This the Best-Selling Fast Food Chain in America. 
  • This Australian movie starring Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, and Judy Davis opened Friday, October 7. It hasn’t received a lot of press, but it has rave reviews (in the top 10% on IMDB, rated 7.1/10), and was called a “Cinderella story of fashion” because of the beautiful period dresses. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hope to this week. The official site for The Dressmaker shows the movie trailer.

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Corbett Holding Manners That Matter for Moms the Day the Book Debuted

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Four years ago this week, Corbett was holding my book the day it debuted. He was soooooooo excited because he was the first to spot it in Barnes & Noble that morning! Manners That Matter for Moms!


From the Blog

In honor of the blog’s anniversary this month, here are some posts from last October!

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